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Thursday, June 26, 2014

six tips from Alexa Chung on how to find you own style

Styling  yourself really needs a little bit wisdom, but if you do not have that wisdom then do not worried.Here are six tips from Alexa Chung (who is a The model and TV presenter) on how to find you own style.

Tip 1
Avoiding a rut 
It's easy to get into a comfort zone. Compile a scrapbook of inspirational figures, as it's hard to just pull an image out of your mind and invent something. Even if you don't look like the person you admire, it's nice to see what they do with a certain style and make it your own. I always think, 'If it will look OK on Jane Birkin, then I'll get it.' I quite like Diane Kruger's style, too

Tip 2
A new 'do' 
A visit to a hair salon can really help to update your style. When I was younger, I used to colour my hair to make it resemble Kurt Cobain's; but now I just get a richer, deeper version of my own colour, with a 1960s cut. It can be easy to assume that if you have had the same hairstyle and colour for 10 years then that's your 'look', but trying something fresh can really change how you wear clothes

Tip 3
Change your perspective 
Don't chuck everything out of your wardrobe and start again. Invest in the odd item every couple of months. A new purchase can change your perspective on other items in your wardrobe. I often find that if I've run out of inspiration, I'll go to a vintage shop, or look for a statement shoe that makes me come up with new ways to wear items I already own. Something as simple as trying on a friend's jacket can open your eyes to a fresh approach

Tip 4
Mix it up 
Don't feel that once you have found an outfit you like, you must keep wearing it in the same arrangement. I never revisit the same item in the same outfit twice, as even swapping a shirt under your jumper can update the look. However, there are always key pieces that are quite boring but staple - for me, it's a white T-shirt by APC, black high-waisted jeans and an excellent pea-coat. Once you have found your staple items, you can then start to experiment with pattern and colour

Tip 5
It's not about trends 
You don't have to follow them to be stylish, it's more about whatever you feel looks nice. Also, sometimes if you don't like a designer collection as soon as it comes out, it may grow on you down the line. I find something similar with Christopher Kane. I like the collection when it's on the runway but four months later I'm totally in love with it. Sometimes you're just not ready for an idea

Tip 6
Go it alone 
I always go shopping alone, as I don't like getting tied down by someone um-ing and ah-ing over a shoe. I'll start off being polite but soon run out of patience, and say things like, 'They make your feet look massive.' It's far easier to be a lone-shark shopper and be selfish about what you need and want for your own wardrobe

(*Notice:The martial of "6 tips" is reprinted from the

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

considering the "resale value" when you purchasing a luxury

-For  reselling goods,what will you come up with? A car, a used-electronic products or even more. What is the "more" is we gonna discuss today. I bet many of you must have heard of "Resell Luxury",no? Or at least you used to imagine a medium where there you can resell your used Chanel bags or Dior shoes. I do not have any awareness on Luxury Marketing so i am gonna introducing this section with some data materials. According to the Denverpost Americans increasingly are considering the resale value when they shop for everything from jeans to handbags. The habit is in part due to a growing number of web sites that make it easy for shoppers to buy and resell pre-owned goods. Focus on this term "Resale Value",this is the an extra standard you need to measure before you decide to buy any luxury. Still get confused? Ok,here is an example: Rising prices of designer merchandise in recent years have tested the willingness of even affluent shoppers to pay full price. The price tag of a classic Chanel handbag, for example, is now $4,900 this year, up from $2,250 in 2007. Chanel is a trendy brand with a commercially valuable designer, on the contrary,some brands like  Escada, St. John and Max Mara because they've been inconsistent or have lost buzz, and thus, don't command high resale prices.For the record, the ones with the most value in pre-worn clothing and handbags are: Chanel, Hermes and Louis Vuitton. In shoes, it's Christian Louboutin.

-I  think "Resale Luxury" is a developing potentially marketing. There exists some sites for reselling your old-purchases,like ThredUP and TherealReal for example.Those sites  have their own resale guides. ThredUP is loosely calling it their own version of the Official Kelley Blue Book, referring to the online manual that offers resale values for cars. TheRealReal, which is coming out this summer with a mobile app that's a resale guide for consumers, said its resale calculations are based on prices of the 450,000 items it has sold since its founding in 2011.

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

" topless" in the name of shoes

-This is in fact an industry news,the press said that the Brazilian mega-beauty model Gisele is selected by shoe designer Stuart Weitzman as the new global face for his fall 2014 campaign.The "new global face" repleced Kate Moss,the one-time campaign model for last three seasons.The campaign was Photographed by widely industrial prestigious Mario Testino.The campaign has a power of Succinctly pure sexy with Gisele Posing  in only a pair of skintight white pants and a sexy black pair of Weitzman stiletto booties.

Monday, June 16, 2014

the supermodel world cup

Forewords:Super models from different countries together take an exclusive "Super Model World Cup" video dedicating to 2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup.I call for everyone watching this clip which is full of dynamic fun.

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Friday, June 13, 2014

summer Inspirations-short list

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Inspirational clips

-I just subscribe i-D online Magazine and find those five chips, wanna present on my blog. Really hope people will get inspired.

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under the sheets: carlyne cerf de dudzeele

"Fashion needs to have fun".This is what i learn from the legendary Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele.Through this video i could 100% feel her self-enjoyable fun on her personality which reflects on her style.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014


-From what it is said in title the Father`s day is coming.More specific it is coming this week. I have to admit that i do not get used to pay much attentions to Father`s Day (Sorry dad).

It was an Inadvertent subscribing through a website which changes my attitude of celebrating Father`s Day."BONOBOS X DADS FATHER’S DAY GIFT GUIDE" is a thematic gift guide for you getting your father a respectful gift on Father`s Day.

Bonobos is a clothing brand focused on delivering great fit, high energy, and superb customer experience. Launched in 2007 on the Internet with its signature line of better-fitting men’s pants, Bonobos is now the largest apparel brand ever built on the web in the United States.

Any commercial purposes is not included in this post (There are no any financial benefits between me and Bonobos) . My purpose is to show my tribute to our dear fathers especially on some special festivals.If you or your friends wanna chose a gift for your fathers i would like to suggest you pick from Bonobos.The reasons are followings:

We owe a lot to our dads, including our style. Ok, maybe not the mustache and short-shorts, but everything else we picked up from pops. Here are a few modern looks inspired by our own dads—and we have a hunch yours will dig them too.





*Extra Information : Besides the pieces for Father`s Day you can also purchase any other garments for you(if you are a man) or your boyfriends. Like Bonobos Dress Shirts,this is what i admire most,there are varieties of colors and prints to chose,so do not sit there reading my post but simply click here to subscribe Bonobos`s official website where maybe exists where you are expecting for.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

two essays ...

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8-hours-awaiting exam system
Yesterday i came to my university(University Of Milan) to take my oral exam of College English 1.I have already realized the numbers of examinees based on the written exam taken on 12th May.I had a vague memory over my registration number which seems to show the 147th among all the examinees.I had took some exams before so already encountered the essence of exam system.Especially experienced this oral exam of English i would like to label the essence as"8-hours-awaiting exam system". 8 hours is metaphor  to describe how slack the exam system is but i spent more than 8 hours awaiting my turn to take exam.I do not wanna describe the process during exam-awaiting,because it was boring,pointless,and time-waste.Every examinee should admire the professors more than ever because we examinees are not the only ones enduring those hardships but also the professors.They question and test examinees turn by turn,one by one,full of professionalism.I wanna appeal to University Of Milan to reform its exam system into a Convenient and quick one which will make all the examinees and professors more relaxing and comfortable before the coming of exam but not fatigues and stresses.

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Blogging does bring benefits
Last evening i received an e-mail says that a brand which sells men garments asks me to write an issue about their garments for the special father`s day.In fact,they won`t pay me for writing this issue,but i am thinking this is a great cooperation so i decided to finish this issue without asking any financial benefits but ask for them spreading my website.My blog is still young under two years,this is first time my blog get a cooperation from industry i think it proves a lot,especially my excellent article writings which is the main  reason why they ask me to write a post.If they are satisfied with my writing i believe more cooperation will be provided.By then,some financial benefits is just a matter of course.

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Thursday, June 05, 2014

a little loyal tribute to Robin Givhan & Robin Givhan`s witty,closely observed essays

-There could not be a loyal post like this one.I write it as a personal tribute to a woman.She states herself as a journalist not a fashion writer.In 2006,she became the first fashion writer to win the Pulitzer Prize.She is Robin Givhan.

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Robin is a real model as a journalist,a fashion writer and  also as a style&culture critic.The industry could not show more esteems and testimonials by conferring Robin Pulitzer Prize in criticism in 2006.The prize presented by Columbia University President Lee C. Bollinger and the Presentation speech says:"Awarded to Robin Givhan of The Washington Postfor her witty, closely observed essays that transform fashion criticism into cultural criticism".

Robin Givhan`s Witty,Closely Observed Essays

"The look was sexy,rock and roll,contemporary,and utterly Saint Laurent.
The line is quoted form an article "Hedi Slimane`s Spring 2013 Pairs debut at Saint Laurent".

"Trying to portray female political power poses a particular challenge for Hollywood".
The line is quoted form and article "Dressing for power on USA`s Political Animals`".

"She could arrive for a diplomatic meeting wearing flip-flops and blue jean and no one would doubt her authority".

"There is no legacy of racism and systemic dehumanization that holds white men hostage to their body language,their patois,and their wardrobes".
The line is quoted from article "Hoodies,Trayvon Martin,and America`s racial fears".

"By night her fashion is glamorous-of the red-carpet,body-glow,Hollywood sort.By day,it is playful,feminine,and confident".
The line is quoted form article "Michelle Obama`s first-lady fashion:Subtle and Savvy". 

Written By Robin Givhan,Click To Buy

8 Insightful Fashion Quotes From Robin Givhan’s AMA(Resource via

On American vs. European fashion:
There are many ways to “define” American fashion, but it is rooted in sportswear, less formality (when compared to Europe) and pragmatism. The clothes have to work. None of this means they have to be boring, uninspired or stodgy. one of the quintessential American designers is Michael Kors. his clothes are utterly wearable but they are also sexy and fun and aspirational — without being costumes. I think Marc Jacobs is a wholly American designer. He creates sportswear not riddles. He finds his inspiration far afield — in music, film, what have you — but I’d say he’s just as American as Kors.

On the role and training of a fashion critic:
I think the role of the critic is to assess the relationship between the clothes and the fantasy, to help make connections between fashion and the broader culture, and hopefully to be an outside voice that brings a kind of tough love and enthusiastic applause to the creative process of designers. And my advice for aspiring fashion critics would be to try to develop as broad a range of knowledge as possible, and not to focus solely on things like fashion history or fashion merchandising or fashion fashion fashion; I think the only way to really be able to help non-fashion people get a better understanding of the industry is when you maintain the ability of looking at fashion as an outsider.

On writing for newspapers vs. magazines:
The biggest difference is probably in the readership. When you write about fashion for a newspaper you’re writing for a general audience. I frankly love the opportunity of convincing a non-fashion person that fashion matters and can be substantial. The best compliment is when someone tells me they aren’t interested in fashion but they enjoy reading my work. At a glossy, you’re speaking to aficionados, a self-selected audience.

On diversity in fashion and when/if anything will ever change:
I think that the change won’t really take hold until the culture’s perception of fashion changes so that we think about fashion as something that has more of an impact on our lives than just what we put in our closets. I think for most people it’s hard to get riled up about which 18 year old girls get to walk down a runway, but if we think about the broader impact of fashion, and how it makes us value different kinds of people, we are more likely to be concerned and think about the runway as an important place.

On Rodarte’s disappointing Spring 2014 collection:
Hands down the most disappointing for me was Rodarte. the Mulleavy sisters are extremely talented and they’ve set a high bar for themselves. so this season when they put spangly bras on the runway, my reaction was basically: Oh Lordy. what the heck?

On the craziest thing she’s seen at NYFW:
The woman walking across Lincoln Center Plaza wearing a fox fur vest when it was 80+ degrees outside. This was followed by a woman wearing a wool coat outside of Ralph Lauren when it was about 80% humidity. But they attracted the street style photographers, so their job was a success!

On her personal style:
My job allows me to see the best that fashion has to offer. It’s taught me a lot about quality. It has made me wish that I have way more money than I do. I try to buy strategically. I buy less than I did when I first started the beat. And I never try to be a fashion plate. That’s just not my personality. It’s not in my budget. And I think it’s unbecoming of a journalist.

To a 30-year-old man who asked, ” In the morning I grab the clothes that smell cleanest out of the pile of “clean” clothes on my floor to wear that day … Would you say this is an acceptable way to approach fashion?”
No, my dear. This is not acceptable. You are better than that. You deserve more than reasonably clean clothes from a pile. Find your inner swagger. Hang up your clothes. Find your style. Go conquer the world.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Made in Brazil


-I recently read across an article form Style.Com which is trying to introduce an exclusive magazine labeled as "Made In Brazil".The title of this magazine drives me a lot of attentions.Attentions on what is made in Brazil? Thanks to Jorge Grimberg,the author of the article i am reading introduces that Magazine "Made In Brazil" mainly focus on Brazilian male models and (some) fashion among (fantastic) bodies,and the  The models are all international and the fashion is very strong.

Mariano Ontañon, Steve Milatos, Chris Moore, Thorben Gartner, and Joel Meacock, styled by David Vandewal.
*Image Resource:Style.Com

Witnessing many fashion campaigns featured with a group of Brazil-Rainforest male models leaves me a question: are Brazilian male models coming a new power in Modeling industry or they already are? I can not give a sure answer. "Brazil makes models" has not  been an industry secret,Marco Pigossi,Caio Castro,Henri Castelli as male models,Adriana Limo,Gisele Bundchen,Alessandra Ambrosio as female models are the bywords in different eras.Look back at the first image,that young male model`s printed body says:"I am made in Brazil." with so much pretensions and confidences.Yes,he should be proud,bcz "Made in Brazil" is forming into a specially national label for Brazilian male models.

For the record,"Made In Brazil" is a  biannual magazine,the magazine has already launched 7 issues,and the eighth issue of Made in Brazil magazine celebrates international male models in stories photographed in New York, Miami, Paris, London, Madrid, Marrakech, and São Paulo. It is the biggest issue of the magazine to date, and very possibly the men’s publication with the most editorial pages of the season, boasting more than two hundred pages of pictures, with no advertising in between.You can presubscribe or preorder at

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