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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

a prose of "porcelain warrior"

 Started  from an inspiration of a doormat of cast iron optic to form an idea of "Modern Warrior". Resolving the process how does designer "Miriam Lehle" writes a prose of "Porcelain Warrior".

 In the debut of AW 2014 collection,fashion brand "Prose" Demonstrating to us a tremendous version of art pieces, which visually is a set of stylish sculptures. which  however technically is a set of settle-down-in-urban warriors. 

 "The starting point has been a doormat of cast iron optic. I was intrigued by its dainty character and I bought dozens of them to play around. It reminded me of an armour. I liked the idea to create a modern warrior.But combined with feminine and elegant attributes. " Like the description from designer, what we can esthesia in this new collection is a flock of warriors wearing modern elegant garments: decorating garments with cast parts, modernizing them with patent leather. 

Everything we perceive is everything Extraordinarily creative. Theoretically the cast parts is not only created for decorations but more for the experiment on draping process to develop innovative cuts. Like three-dimensional opinion which is a optimal solution to achieve the culptural and spatial aspects of the garments and the relationship between body, garment and movement.

Pushing the boundaries but still maintainning  wearable. With the varieties of design aspects, such as unconventional concept, innovative cutting, textile manipulation, new finishing techniques,  every garment from brand "Prose" is a composite of wearability and visuality. It is rational to predict the new collection will cause a surge of topics and orders in fashion presses and fashion markets.

A set of pieces from new collection of "Prose"

*Extra Info: "Prose" founded by Miriam Lehle  in 2008. Since grouped,"Prose" continuously creating good pieces of craftsmanship. For pre-ordering the new the pieces of new collection please click here.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

July notification

Considerations of the exams of college and some other issues which the author is dealing with,this blog is temporarily stopped published for two weeks.

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