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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014, sums up

Time almost fairly sets  equal length period to every year , 2104`s days are fading away with its glories and vile deeds . Whatever they are , referring to politics , human civilization , art , fashion , we human being is making a one more leap in the history , there are five summaries of 2014 , which have impacts in the departing year and may keep its influences on some aspects of 2015 .

If you have made some 2014 summaries or you enlisted some please share them to the world . Thanks .

Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas situations

- Morning everyone , how you guys spent your Christmas yesterday ? You can choose to tell me . I make myself totally free on Christmas , no working , no studying , no shopping (this one is suck) , no writing or editing stories ( it is suck too) , just stay at home thinking something maybe and wish happen in 2015 and watch TV shows . 

I know Christmas is the time of people catching up , unluckily i am alone in Italy while my parents in China . Do not feel sorry for me , i am fine , it is my personality i do not feel so much loneliness . 

My Holiday situations are : Family , un-check , boyfriend , un-check , friends , do not make them checked (do not ask me why). As far as you are happy and your day is meaningful that is the point . Right ? 

Situation a - Life learning , watching a movie " Still Alice "

I like that spiritual shock produced by a story . That is why a drama movie is special to my case . Movie Still Alice is this kind . A successful women Alice Howland learns that she is suffering from early onset Alzheimer's disease. She struggles to manage her life while dealing with the illness and her job, marriage and children. Network speed is not satisfied so i am going to watch this film today . Besides the story , the queen of acting Julianne Moore played as Alice Howland , which no doubt will help to tell a touching story .

Situation b - Beauty thing 2014 , A summary .

I have a long-term misconception of "Smoke Eye" colors .Black is the one and the only one attached to smoke eye . tells that smoke eye is the most sultriest beauty trend 2014 and it totally subverts my stupid "black "theory . Know more click here .

Situation c - Fantasies 2015
I have to make them even though my previous fantasies in past yeas all failed . Fuck that . Ok clam down , take a breath ... And go - Do i need to make some personals to make someone love me ? Not just be asked : "Hey , pretty boy , you wanna sex with me ? I am desiring to dig your hole . " I am like : " Hey , why do not you go to the hell" .

Well , fantasies a , A real~~~ boyfriend , tender love , warm hugging . You should be a man not a woman , hot look is welcome but not that necessary , i wish you can carry your genuineness , your caring heart , your sense of humor to recovery my broken soul , to add my confidences , and also to dig my hole . LoL ~~~ . Fantasies b - Figure out form "still figuring out ". Things like kissing your lover , shopping stylish jeans , you can keep yourself in the process of figuring out . Something you need to finish that figuring out part then come to "have figured out" part. Oh yeah . Like what what am i going to do with the rest of my life , this a deal of your life and the earlier you know the earlier you will achieve your dreams . You see i have not finished yet figured out form a. being a fashion designer , b. being an editor or writer at fashion magazine , c. becoming a male prostitute . (So what i enjoy sex more than everyone else does and i am a slut ) . I have talent on each category but failed studying fashion design at university , shy personality plus thinking this may disrepute my parents , looks category b is the only one choice i got , oh , it is easier now . I have finished my "figuring out" part before 2015`s coming , i am a good boy .

Shopping Situation 

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