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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

watch out guys,sometimes in the restroom something Unexpected could happen,but maybe you will like it ...

-While you are in a restroom,then an another man walks in,this man turns his head and stares at you.And guess what will happen?

-Yes they have sex,Wow,so so sexy,especially in the restroom,one of the best make-out place for gays.

-It looks they are really having fun,don`t they ? Even i am having fun.

*Note:Next time,when you are walking into a restroom make sure if you are in a danger of gay-sex,if you are,my advice for you is to have a try and maybe you will find gay-sex exciting.So do not escape,just enjoy it,because it is amazing!

bright color-formula- "Lady dior" bag

-It is unbelievable to imagine that if there is anyeone who does not love bright colors,not mention a bright color-formula mixing.Lady Dior,three toned lambskin bag is just what i am talking about,i do not know you guys,at least i love it so much,i wanna own it. For me,as a sexy&beautiful gay,this bag is gonna make me stand out from the crowed.

Sunday, December 29, 2013


paul, 40, new york

What are you wearing head to toe?

My hat is Stetson, my glasses are Vuerich B I got in Berlin, my T-shirt is Cheap Monday, my medal is from the 2013 NYC Marathon, my bottoms and trainers are Adidas, and my socks my wife's gran knitted for me. I'm also wearing a We Wood watch and an armband with a Magritte badge I got from the MoMA show.
How would your friends describe you?
A bit demanding but fun and always available, and a bit of a smart arse. I was all my friends' number one phone-a-friend.

*Resource&Inspiration Via i-D
*Edited By Royal Wang 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Yesterday,Christmas,raining,talking with a Peddlar of a chinese Grocery store

*Back From Work  *Raining  *Chinese Grocery Store
Yesterday i came back toward home from my part-time workplace,personally,in such a badly cold raining day,i used to get lazy cooking,and coincidentally yesterday was one-time a year Christmas,almost all the shops or markets along the streets are closed.There is a Chinese grocery store nearby several corners and the big holiday leaves me no choice but to try my luck.

 *Chinese Grocery Shopkeeper  *Hardworking
Luckily,that Chinese grocery store is still open,feeling lucky for such a big festival there is still a place to purchese,meanwhile feeling a kind of little bit sad while some others are enjoying their Christmas moments with families,friends,lovers,this Chinese shopkeeper, on the contrary,is keeping working.I am a quick buyer by just taking a few packs of instant noodle and then go straight to the cashier.The shopkeeper tells smilingly my goods in total 5.10 euro,i was taking my cashes from my pocket and asking her "Why you do not get yourself a broke on Christmas Day?" She answered to me as:" This store never close down through the whole entire year." "But why? do not you feel tired sometimes?" I keeping asking.She explained that in such a terrible financial crisis,it is extremely to add more incomes,and the costs are increasing but the products tags still keep the same standard,and she has no better choice but to work more longer than before.

What a lovely hardworking woman,and also so kind,so strong,she seems never give up in front of the cruel reality.And i promise i will never forget her because i will treat her as a life role model.

(*what a pity that i do not have a camera capturing this lovely hardworking Chinese grocery-shopkeeper.)

Another dream come true ...

-Are you a fixed fan of X Factor ? Well i am for sometimes.Just now i am honor to witness the new champion of this year`s X Factor American,and they are-Alex&Sierra.They are a group and more interesting they are also a cute couple who with the same career dream.And to be honest,i have predicted that this couple-group will win the competition.They come out form thousands of contestants to win and get million recording contract form Song Music and if this can not be labeled a dream come true then what can? I am trying through the whole period of they winning moment and thinking that some people win their dreams,some people fail their dreams. Can i be the one to win my dream ?

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

All i want for christmas is a digital camera

On resent years` Christmas day i did not on purpose brought myself some gifts.If you must get an answer from me,i will say 1.I do not have some money as a poor student.2.To be frank,i do not have some basic needs for Christmas.

But now,this year`s Christmas Day,that is Today,i do need one gift,a camera,i need a digital camera.I need to get it myself if i have enough cashes,and more even better someone will pay it for me ( Usually nobody will buy me a gift).

I have rational excuses to get a digital camera.
1.I am writing a blog now babies, so naturally i need to capture some moments providing to my posts.

2.I am a narcissism,which is easily to explain,you know i am fucking beautiful,fucking sexy and i am addicted to swing myself in front of mirror.

So now,i think you can get me right? Sighing ~~~ at this moment i do not have extra cashes for my digital camera.Fuck,Fuck,Fuck !!!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Quoted today ...

"You can only design what you know"

-Haider Ackermann 

"Perfection is never achieved,so you need to go on working"

-Azzedine Alaia

"I have realised over time that i have to take responsibility for my actions and beliefs"

-Giorgio Armani 

"It is good to listen,to discuss,but it has to be your own conviction that makes each decision"

-Neil Barrett 

"My goal is to change the boundaries of fashion"

-Walter Van Beirendonck 

*Behind The Scene:"Quoted today" is a section of my blog,it has much benefits receiving those wisdom languages from some professionals of different industries.The quote today,i chose those five maxims form my beloved book"Fashion Now" which brought at H&M Store of Milan, and which edited by Terry Jones(Terry Jones is the founder of i-D Magazine).

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Photos show-the movie, Yves Saint Laurent

-News from Vogue Fr: From December 16 to January 31, Paris hotel The Westin Paris - Vendôme is paying tribute to legendary French designer Yves Saint Laurent, with a series of exclusive photos from the set of the film by Jalil Lespert.
To celebrate the new Yves Saint Laurent biopic, which will be released in French cinemas on January 8, Parisian hotel The Westin Paris - Vendômeis welcoming visitors for an exhibition of 12 exclusive photos from the shoot by Thibault Grabherr and Anouchka de Williencourt. The photos depict some of the film's stand-out scenes, including some that were filmed in the hotel's Imperial salon, where the designer showed many collections over the course of his long career. Directed by Jalil LespertYves Saint Laurent is a portrait of the designer as a young man, from his nomination as creative director at Dior in 1957 to his celebrated Russian Ballet collection in 1976. The film stars Pierre Niney, from the Comédie-Française, as the young designer and Guillaume Galienne as Pierre Bergé, alongsideCharlotte Le BonLaura Smet and Marie de Villepin. If you can't wait for the film, don't miss this sneak peek in an ever-so appropriate setting.
Exhibition of photographs from the film "Yves Saint Laurent", until January 31 2014 at The Westin Paris - Vendôme, 3 rue de Castiglione, Paris 1st arrondissement. Free entry.

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*Edit By Royal Wang

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Love Millennium Stadium Most

-Among my majors of university,there is a course called English Culture,my teacher has been teaching us a varieties of Britain`s cultures.I do love the Millennium Stadium most.Quoted form my textbook-The Millennium provides a unique opportunity to project a new image of Britain to the world,reflecting these new stories in events,buildings,and exhibitions,such as football games and numerous music concerts,and more some other large-scale events.

Some Large-Scale Events Hosted At Millennium Stadium :

U2 360° Tour at Millennium Stadium

2006 FA Cup Final

-Thanks to my teacher teaching me many awareness of Millennium,when i reading a book named Britain TM,the book says:The Millennium is a "Living museum of future".I wish one day i could witness its beauty.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Heels, 1925

*These are Art Deco period heels referred to as “jeweled heels”. They are a sample from a time when heels were custom-ordered. With enamel manufacturing put to practical use on shoes since the end of the 18th century, and the implementation of Bakelite and similar resin treatments in 1909, the heels radiate a glossy shine. Moreover, they show the subtle workmanship of geometric designs, and limestone and metal bead application, At that time in Paris, couturier and artisans specializing in custom-order footwear created luxurious shoes. Craftsmen who signed their names on shoe designs, like Andre Perugia, also appeared. Then, in the 1920s, Western European women began exposing the leg below the knees for the first time. When compared to the existence of footwear up until that period, this becomes an important matter. Shoes which utilize functionality paired with small engraved designs and various historic moldings. Of these shoes, 1920s footwear that reflects art deco designs can be said to exhibit a special charm equal to a kind of objet d’art.
#Heels #1925

Saturday, December 14, 2013

In history

Evening coat (Detail)

*This evening coat with its distinctive oversized sleeves is a fine example of the work of the House of Rouff, a premiere couture house in the late-19th into the 20th century. Rouff was known for the lingerie feel to their garments, which always included a multitude of ruffles and laces.
#Evening Coat #Rouff #1895-1905

Friday, December 13, 2013

1957,Coco Chanel in Dallas

*Coco Chanel in Dallas in 1957 with Billie & Stanley Marcus. #chaneldallas #itsdallasbaby #cocochanel #prefall2014 (à Dallas)

60s, the 70s, psychedelic rock, mods and The Beatles ......

-This boy,Eetu,23,explain his style as:
“I'm wearing a jacket from Ansa vintage store, my girlfriend's jeans and my flatmate's shoes. The hat was bought seven years ago.
The 60s, the 70s, psychedelic rock, mods and The Beatles inspire my style.”

*Image Resource:

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Recently Addicted to ......

A Song-OneRepublic -Counting Stars

 "since we can not count dollars,we will be counting stars ..."

-This song is my resent favorite one,love the Lyrics and the Melody.

An Issue-Ryan McGinley 

-Since 2005, Ryan McGinley has spent every summer embarking on a cross-country journey with his willingly wild and free naked muses..... More

A Look-Nomadic Monks

-The resource of this image comes from i-D Magazine,the guy in the picture named Murilo Yamanaka,i think his style is way fresh,something like between Nomadic culture and Punk,personally,plus his bald head,let me remind of Chinese Monks.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

subway ......

-In every big modern cities,like New York,London,has subway,i am living Milan now,taking subway is the most routine way to your destination.Yesterday i visited to my friends for dinner,i just wanted to take some moments when i was on subway,and the third image is my previous subway memory when i go to Armani fashion show.

Friday, December 06, 2013

pieces of my confession

confession 2
sometimes,i get tired of blogging ...

I believe that every blogger starts blogging with their passion.Either do i.Maybe some victors will get confessed about the title of this post.Why a blogger starts blogging with passion but now say that he gets tired of blogging?

Explain: Here i am saying i get tired of spreading my blog,and the fact is i do not know how to get more traffics to my website,i have tried some ways,such as:Reading some other blogs and leave comments,ask them read back.But i tell you here,i do not like this way,it is like not because you are really so into someone`s blog,just for getting more traffics.And some other ways? Yes i have tried,i used to submit my blog to some search engines,i mean so many ones,but i do not see some satisfying results.

What can else i do to get more traffics? I really do not know,can anyone here help me ?

look back - Naomi,Kate sitting together ...

-I find this image on I-D online magazine,two legendary models from the 90`s sitting together is the persuasive reason i post this image on my blog.

Round the internet

I-D celebrates 33 years of innovation 

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Imagine Dragons Performs At American Music Awards 2013

-Look,i do not know if you guys have watched The 2013 AMA award,if you haven`t,do worried,Royal here in my blog,i release i think a best performance among the whole performances.And i bet you will feel the same way like i do after watching this performance.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

How would you define your style?

How would you define your style?

-I like to think of my style as fun, a bit punk, a bit irreverent... but ask most of my friends and the response is generally "Gay. Very, very gay." Which I like to take as a compliment.

Behind the scene: The resource of this post from my beloved and most-visit i-D magazine,the original theme of this story is "Straight Up" which i think is more like a hunt-street interview,and there including some questions,"How would you define your style?"included, which is my inspiration of this post.I think it is a exquisite self-expressing way that having person express themselves` style,and i also think the idea of this post is worthy to be released into a series.

Monday, December 02, 2013

Trend report

-I love to read the trend reports every season,and just now i saw the exclusive Spring 2014 trend on,so click here to read the whole trend.

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