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Friday, November 07, 2014

3 things in mind

Can i figure it out if any of you has the same experience no matter what you are doing for seconds some memories frequently popping up? They could the the tasty sandwich you swallowed at launch, a cute boy or girl you begged last month or a movie gets you so into the drama. Anything settled down in your brain unconsciously, deeply, emotionally ...

"Brokeback Mountain" Love
I can not remember how many times and how frequent i watched the men-love movie "Brokeback Mountain". I got further comprehension in homosexual love each time. The true is i am a gay and this movie is a real model of perceiving the truth and the power of love. Two people fallen in love in 1960`s, Which age have`t yet accepted the opinion on the love between two men. How can i forget the last sense when Dennis stared at the Souvenirs of "Brokeback Mountain" and said lovingly "Jake i swear ...".

A look form Burberry Prorsum Spring 2015 collection
Looking back to the whole collections of Spring 2015 ready-to-wear i get deeply impressive by one look. From Burberry, a denim jacket may inspired by some vintage costumes, featuring translucent sequins decorated H-line skirt and creatively make model wearing a pair of write sneakers. A hybrid look of Tradition and contemporary.

Nick Jonas self-touching shooting
If you are my reader you may remember not long before i released a post tells Nick Jonas took some shootings with flirting faces and sexily grabs his pines. This is first time ever Nick does so and it does make public stare dumbfounded. Butterflies jumping in your heart ?

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