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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Terminologies on female masturbation

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- Assuming you are a male reader now reading this post and thinking that how do you describe your masturbation in terminology? Like " Wanking", "Tossing off" Etc ... Many "you" thought that as a man , your male masturbation is just like a weekly routine . Do not worry we won`t judge you. 

Now you are a female reader, then you are questioned the same question : What your terminologies on describing female masturbation? Eh ... dumb girl. Do not worry too we won`t and have no rights to blame on you.

Perhaps in the name of equity or considering to avoid the embarrassment, an organisation like the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education calling for a new terminology on female masturbation. Their aim is to promote an open, positive view of "sex".

As far as the press tells, there are 34 words and will be whittled down into three. But those brand new terminologies like "klittra", "pulla" and "selfa" will be produced in Swedish and  may only benefit the Sweden ladies. Do not be depressed, this move is a big leap and we can perceive that many another countries will emulate Sweden`s step to produce the terminologies on female masturbation in the individual language.

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