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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Social Forum - friends with benefits

Messages conversation:

 Royal - Hey bro, how are you doing those days ? Is everything going so well ?

Male Friend - Hey , yeah , i am fine, but ... How are you ?

R(Royal)- I am fine too, but what is your "but" part ? is there something wrong ?

MF(Male Friend)- Yeah, i just sent my friend away, so pity, you know she lived with me past four days and we had been planning on having great sex, but she got her menses so the plan is canceled.

R - Oh, not a big deal i think, you two can search another time to achieve the sex, she is your girlfriend, it is easy.

MF - No, she is not my girlfriend, just a normal friend i know for many years.

R - ......

-Morning readers, i am Royal Wang, the author of "Fashion&CultureDiary". The conversation above happened between me and one of my male friends. You can perceive that the conversation products a topic - "friends with benefits". In the conversation, that male friend also expresses that he can 100% accept sex with a friend and after that back to the original state-be normal friends. My first awareness of the opinion "friends with benefits" comes from some movies, i thought it was an interesting drama sense and then i have been heard of some similar stories around people`s lives. And more and more persons pleased to chose play the game "friends with benefits" makes me realize this might be a normal phenomenon in our society.

From today Fashion&CultureDiary will start a new section - "Social Forum" where all the readers could join in and spread your thoughts on the individual topic. Today let us talk about "friends with benefits".

Yesterday, based on the topic i interviewed three friends, two women,one man.

Question: How do you think about "friends with benefits" ? Can you accept that ? Why ?

Maria Blardone: I think is ideally perfect. There are no problems with that person because you both know what you are up to, and you have no secondary intentions or thoughts about each other. Is 100% simple. You like the other person in a sexual and friendly way but you don't need a title to feel safe. At the same time, you can share not only sexual attraction, but also any other thing you share with a friend. I don't believe in fidelity, so I think is the best relationship you could ever have with someone you appreciate and like.

Roxanne: I think friends with benefits it's risky as there's always a risk that one person can fall for the other, but if you both fall for each other then that's an amazing thing and could work out good, the only thing I'm worried about is ruining a friendship and It never going back to how it did before. If you both mutually agree and don't have any feelings for each other and still remain friends with benefits that's awesome.

Kevin Wang: It is acceptable to me. and i do not want to get into a relationship, so i really like to make some friends with benefits, no string attached.

You might have thoughts to speak out, join the forum.

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