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Thursday, November 06, 2014

About "sex" what is your dirty thoughts ?

Year after year i came to realize that it is a everyone-could-think-about thing,so i am very relax now to mention it instead of being shamed of. 

- One day shopping at supermarket, came approaching to the elevator appeared three persons in front of my sight. Two men looked like father-son relationship, a young girl,maybe the girlfriend of son, with model-like figure. They laughing, talking about something which i do not care and i just draw a picture of a sense of sex-They going home at night the young man and her girlfriend having sex, and their groans make the father very horny so he came to the room door and begging them for joining the sex. Who knows the son`s girlfriend is a bitch, she actually agree with the idea. So father and son begging one girl. Yummy~~~

- I need sex fantasy, you do not? Even though it can rarely become to the reality but if you are into the drama there are lots of joys. David Beckham is a lucky dog for being my 10-years sex partner and Victoria never caught us(Giggling ~~~). David and i we trying everything, we  cuddling and Lingering we making French kiss, i suck his masculine weapon, and he always come in my, oh it sounds little bit undisguised, embarrassed. I am fine with this situation, enjoy myself and his wife does not know.

- The first time when i saw Jonas brother in TV show i know boys like them, youth, dynamic, cute, hot, prefect tasty looks will be a great fit for gossips. I made one- Those three boys ,when they off the shows they stay together doing things like naked swimming, Snuggle each other and even make out on the way to performances. You can not blame on them, people like us hardly know the loneliness of celebrity life. Wake up, this is a man-made gossip.

Now it is your turn to tell your dirty thoughts. I would love to hear form you.

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