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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

"bag lady", tells a concept of restructuring your bag into Personalized outfits

- I am calling for everyone to get into this sense and then think about it - One day you decided to look around into your closet and pretending that it is no more space for adding another outfit then your must reduce your closet inventory. You are going to grasp a 3-years-old handbag and on your way to throw it away. Wait ... stop your action, and think two points: First, emotionally you must have some stories with your handbag right? I mean this is a bag matching your looks up in many public areas. Secondly, on Eco and style, what if you can restructure your worn bags and make it stylish? Yeah, sounds interesting, and it does make sense.

There is a band "Bag Lady" from Florence, Italy tells us a concept of restructuring your bags and formed them into your personalized outfits.

The designer is genius to break the boundaries giving the bags a new power to tell its stylish capacities. Whatever the jump suits or H-line skirts, the parts form structured bags functionally decorate the outfits and naturally becoming the outfits themselves. This design concept makes "Bag Lady" a unique collection, the structures are solid and defined, items that were once bags are deconstructed and reconstructed to become wearable and eco-friendly fashion outfits.

- Hey, girls next time before you carrying your bags to the dustbin contact "Bag Lady" see how your bags personalized your looks.

(* Extra Info: More information of "Bag Lady" or order the pieces please click here)

Ecco Luxe Designer Handbag
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