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Friday, November 21, 2014

twin friends , Like Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift

- It is a great thing to have a twin sister, if you do not have one then thinking you may someone has the similar face, hair cut , hobbies, even personality. Interesting and cool.

How interesting&cool it would be? Let Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift tell you. When the country pop singer meets 1.2m long leg super model Taylor told she wants Karlie`s haircut and the result comes to be what image presents us.

See their styles ? Very similar. Also it seems their body types are too alike to tell. Dumbfounded ? It is early because there are more to show, like they both holding a cup of beer and yelling at the basketball game with the same facial expression. If you are interested you may want click here to know more details about this twin friends.

Mini Karlie&Taylor

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