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Friday, November 14, 2014

special topic - young adult behaviors

- Oh how should i get started ? I wanna write a topic like this for a long time. The desire of writing appeared from the moment i have been there witnessing so many damn people living their lives in the behaviors beyond the the age boundaries, from the times i have been heart so many unrealistic thoughts running out of someone`s brain which forcibly added one or two unthinkable reasons to achieve them, from the seconds i was doing my heart-searching. 

I know a woman form movie "Young Adult" called Mavis Gary. She is at the age of 37, lives alone with her dog at a very high floor of a building in Minnesota. Mavis is a ghost writer for a series of a popular YA (young adult) novels. One day when she sat in front of PC ready to write an e-mail pop up, a image printed a face of a new born baby , checking out the sender is buddy slade, her first love , they used to wear T-shirt each other, imagined their life in the further, nearly had their own child. Now staring at the images recalling all the memories Mavis decided to get her x back. Her excuses are: He is my first love, we used to be so happy . Now looking at him, still lives in the mercury, a small fish-smell town, got a weird job, and a ugly wife, more worse a body comes. It is like he is Kidnapped. The movie describes a story of a journey of a woman at a mature age who is very opinionated to label the standards of happiness with those aspects from her own life. With her opinions,to disturb someone`s life for granted. During the journey, there are many senses can tell Mavis such a woman immature. Like the movies says: Everyone gets old, not everyone grows up.

I admit that i have watched this movies 10 or more times, Mavis and i are very alike. We two at the age between 20-40, the age range of young adult. We get used to doing things only with pleases, and people get hurts by what we said and what we did, and we are sometimes very opinionated. We absurdly enjoy our young adult behaviors. 

"Young", "Adult" - " Young Adult" we are adults but we are still young. Oh fuck, i am still looking for myself excuse for being immature. There is a science called "Behavior Science" which defines different behavior based on the different age ranges. For those young adults, you are sometimes allowed to be immature , do not worried you have science gets you back. Even my grandma age at 74 once licked a lollipop and sang Nicik Minaj`s single " Anaconda". LOL...

Those young adult behaviors do hide inside of you and i really wanna know what are yours. Tell me here ?

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