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Monday, November 24, 2014

opinion for shopping - did you see some other aspects ?

- I know you, you, and you love shopping, the thing is how to deal with the situation when your shopping opinions are going to be blur ? Yesterday i received a call form my shopping-lover partner, she told me she has a hard time choosing the right product. " It seems i almost have everything , 20 pairs of shoes, including high or low heals, different colors and fabrics. Biker jacket, sporty jacket, oversize sweaters , and so on , on , on ..." 

Well then, if this is the case, i think it is a normal Phenomenon. I told my partner that a lot of "you" have been there, me included. Then what can we do ? I ask her " Did you see some anther aspects" ? Do not understand ? For instance: You decide to buy sneakers, you see a pair with similar color and type to the one you brought last month, then i suggest that you should think - Oh this one is black too but it has a flexible soles for walking longer hours. Look the material is dust-proof.
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More like when coming to shop dresses,When you are facing four pieces with the equal length, like the four ones listed below and assuming they are all in black then have your checked out their fabrics ? Fabrics make dresses different silhouettes and you can also focus on the details - Whether this dress is attached a back-zip or this is a zip-free one? If you have short arms and your boyfriend is not around you then this aspect is important.

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In front of a tract of products you may get confused how to decide which one is the "one". Writing this post simply hope those two examples may remind you of some shopping aspects.

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