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Friday, November 28, 2014

editor`s essay - be focus

- From 10 am to 8 pm, nearly 10 hours sitting behind my PC writing post, reading other bloggers` writings, spreading my website, searching inspirations around world, between those taking some small breaks ( I think it is 5 minutes for each break)and of course cooking and eating. 

Just finishing taking a before-sleep shower and turn back to PC to check out how many of today`s website traffics suddenly get the desire to write something. En, this it is - Be focus.

Well then, previous 20 months i rarely took my blog so seriously. Since i drop off from university and anything else around me going to be suck ones i started to realize that blogging is the only one thing makes me happy and feel proud of. Putting the awareness and passions accumulated within 10-years on writing, editing, reading or more is something costs my efforts. I am not sure how far my blog will go, how many honors my blog will achieve, what i only know is that this is something i put my focus on, not another thing. (Even though i know there could be the possibilities to close this blog. Because next year i will go back to China where Google,, Fackbook, Twitter are not available). Complaining: You will never know what kind of life We Chinese have until you become a one.

Anyway, focus, on something you enjoy doing. Focus, on someone you love . Focus, even though it is not something eternal. Still focus, for the existing joys.

Do not forget to be stylish
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