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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

the complication of women buying a watch

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They say the simple the best, for some aspects yes, for some others no. When women decide to walk around some stores to get themselves some garments, usually their thoughts would be : Oh, i wanna a black&write stripe on top, a skinny jeans, on feet a pair of leopard print sneaker, plus a biker jacket covers the top. Or just a suits is enough, no complication. You see purchasing garments is sometime a simple action of arbitrary. People consider garments as a way of making semblance unique. But what comes when women decide to purchase something more complicated? Like a watch.

Some complications than ever. A business woman who needs to flew to many countries on business, she may be wearing a watch more functional, with more technical aspects- A watch with a Simultaneous display of two different time zones. two dials are controlled by the same movement. With the role changing in life sphere and business sphere, women today their demands on watch focus on "complication". Women have more powers as men do, women enjoy the same rights as men do, literally they need the timepieces with similar functions to men watches. 

Reported form wristwatch industry: We have certainly seen a trend in ladies interested in complications, with brands reacting to this demand by launching ladies’ complications.” Like moon-phase watch,“it does have the complication women need, it’s an animation of the movement, it’s emotional.”

Yes, the "complication" is also reflected in the watch aesthetics. The story watch may transform, which costumers can give the emotional resonance.Van Cleef & Arpels is good at producing jeweled watches showing power of poetry so that it has trademarked “Poetry of Time” and “Poetic Complications”(one that features fluttering butterflies included). “Catch me ... if you love me” watch of Chaumet, tells a tease of seduction-the hands are replaced by a spider and a bee, spinning in a web that replaces the hour markers. 

A real model watch for women should be a stylish one beauties fashionable outfits, should be a versatile one produces varied joys, with those two aspects, should be a complicated one offers multifunctional experiences on technology and fine art.

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