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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

high-waist, faded, un-skinny, the jeans clan is going back to 90`s

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As a must-have piece for your closet jeans brought you so much joy on the potentials of styling your looks. Nothing could not be matched up with a pair of jeans. For each decade, jeans told us different styles with its details design. Either with a loose pants or tight, either with a high waist or low, either with natural color or man-made color. Jeans is a clan with rich history in fashion, and you may choose a pair based on your personal taste, or current trend,ect... 

Your personal taste in choosing jeans has always been influenced by the trend. For the current jeans trend, the Wall Street Journal launched an issue written in the title"Is this the beginning of the end for skinny jeans?" No conclusion for the question, the jeans trend is the topic. Skinny jeans seems has more longer ages of being popular than any other jeans types, but fashion trends self-update often,which trend dares stay forever? According to WSJ`s(wall street journal) report ,more and more celebrities and fashion fans choosing to wear some jeans more looser in pants, more high in waist, more faded in colors, totally a 90`s looks.
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What is highly accepted in culture has strong impacts on people`s dressing behaviors. This require of 90`s jeans is a part of the result of the vintage and street-style currency. Wearing a pair of 90`s vintage jeans,washed color, high waist, more perfect with some holes and matching up with low heel boots or write canvas shoes, structured shirts on top, with a polished handbag, this could be a next look to dress up.

Your vintage jeans

What to match up your 90`s jeans?

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